The Wilderness Series of the Daily Text has taken us deep into the challenging story of the Israelites journey from the Red Sea into the wilderness of crisis and challenge. Here we witness the struggle to trust God in the midst of chaotic circumstances. Cloud by day. Fire by night. Manna in the morning. Quail […]

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This study is an effort to bring particular focus to the Apostles’ Creed. In these daily readings you will be invited into a daily practice of reading Scripture, meditating or dwelling on the text, and reflecting on the teachings of some of the Church’s earliest leaders. Over seven weeks you’ll be offered ample opportunity to […]

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Listen to Him (Lent)

Begin this study on Ash Wednesday—whether Ash Wednesday is in the past, present, or future. LISTEN TO HIM. Those words now come to us, the present-day disciples of Jesus. The forty days of Lent open up a journey for the top of Transfiguration Mountain to the bottom of the Valley of the Cross. These forty […]

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The Advent Mission

Select December 1st as this study’s start date—whether December 1st is in the past, present, or future! Advent is about beginning with the end: preparing for the final stage of God’s new mission that resulted from our mission failure. Jesus’ silent-night arrival in the manger is the first part of that mission. His trumpet-blasting arrival […]

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Protagonist (Advent)

Select December 1st as this study’s start date—whether December 1st is in the past, present, or future! This is the time of year we must sink down into the ancient story of God’s people and remember what it means to hope. The Creator steps into the story, and takes on the lead role. The Author […]

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Third Person

Imagine what would happen if you spent thirty days working to improve a relationship? What kind of connection would that build? In our busy world, we can gain so much peace, hope, and direction from intentionally spending time with God. More often than not, this translates to investing in our relationship with God the Father […]

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