Third Person

Imagine what would happen if you spent thirty days working to improve a relationship? What kind of connection would that build? In our busy world, we can gain so much peace, hope, and direction from intentionally spending time with God. More often than not, this translates to investing in our relationship with God the Father […]

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We live in a puzzled world; all at once created by God and decimated by people. Reading the first two chapters of the Bible is like looking at an artistic masterpiece. Read the next nine chapters and it’s like someone shattered the masterpiece into a million fragmented puzzle pieces. In his masterful letter to the […]

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The Experience

Does your life resemble the abundant living that Jesus promised to give his church? Or do you feel more spiritually stuck? So many people in our churches have not regularly experienced good news, comfort, wholeness, freedom, joyous energy, or beauty. So many have stalled in becoming who God intends them to be. Perhaps you, those […]

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The Christian New Year

Choose November 29 as the start date for this study to ensure the final reading lands on Christmas Day. Happy New Year Christian! But it’s not January 1, you say. For the followers of Jesus, the new year begins with Advent. And what a beginning it is as we start by looking to the very […]

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