We live in a puzzled world; all at once created by God and decimated by people. Reading the first two chapters of the Bible is like looking at an artistic masterpiece. Read the next nine chapters and it’s like someone shattered the masterpiece into a million fragmented puzzle pieces.

In his masterful letter to the Church in Ephesus, it is as if Paul is putting together a massive jigsaw puzzle. He shows how spiritual and material fit together, how male and female, slave and free, and even ethnicity and nationality connect and interrelate in this new creation of the kingdom of God. He reveals for us how the disparate pieces, powers, and principalities insert themselves into the affairs of heaven and earth. He gets granular at the level of husbands and wives, employers and employees, and even parents and children and how the gospel must work itself out from cosmic dimensions to everyday practicalities. The puzzle comes together in a marvelous way through this ancient letter to the Church in Ephesus.

In the reflective, witty, and honest style he has become known for, J. D. Walt leads readers through this ancient letter as though it were addressed to them; only to discover it is. Get ready to be (un)puzzled.

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