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    Shelley Johnson

    Well, your day One of The Daily Text is a doozy! πŸ˜… We’ve been in this story of Elijah for a few weeks now. JD Walt writes Monday thru Friday, and some days he does a deep dive, like today.

    His definition of pride disturbs me. Lol. As one who constantly battles all the facets of pride, the very pride I detest wants to scream, “I’m not broken and insecure.” πŸ™ƒ

    I am, however, very aware of my tendency to desire accolades and approval of others. I have to stay on top of that or I fall into people pleasing and glory seeking.

    What’s did you think of today’s Text?

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    Lauren Perry

    I enjoyed this, although parts were challenging to read.

    I am more of a quiet person but I do like to be recognized for things more than I should. But not too much, right, because being the center of attention makes my skin crawl πŸ˜…

    For example: I’ve struggled in the past with wanting to post of social media the things I’ve been learning or my quiet time because there have been moments I post for the views and not because I want to share what God is doing in my life.

    There are also times I hold back from sharing in a group settings because I am self-conscious about coming across as β€œlook at me”. So I just sit silently.

    It’s an odd struggle because I’m on two sides of the coin and there are certain situations and moments where I pick a side.

    It makes me wonder, how do I get back to the basics? To just have a relationship with Jesus. How do I start there again?

    *totally just spitballing my thoughts here. If they make a lick of sense, I don’t know haha

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      I’m struggling with this format. Sorry not to reply sooner. (I don’t understand this forum thing… It’s not how our other group flows… Not giving up. πŸ˜…πŸ’œ)

      Boy, do I relate to the struggle with motive. Why do I write? Or post on Instagram? If it’s for my glory, I can feel it. Yuck😝 So I confess it and refocus on God. But I don’t stop writing. I endeavor for humility, to put God on the throne and not myself. But to give up sharing all the good things God has taught me with others is allowing fear to rule my decisions. It’s giving the enemy a foothold, even a win. Most of the time our sharing–in socials, in writing, in person–becomes an igniter for discussion or plants seeds for others or offers truth someone needs to hear. We can’t control outcomes. All we can do is hold onto God. And trust Him. (I’ll say, this little monologue here is as much for me as you. Sharing in person is no longer the issue for me. But having confidence in what God has given me to share in the world (ie: blog and socials) is an ongoing dialogue between Him and me…for all the reasons you describe).

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