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  • David

    December 9, 2019 at 7:04 pm

    This is a very encouraging message of hope, “every desert will become a garden.” Wow, I long for that day, but I can certainly identify with Casey when it comes to trusting God everyday in all things. I have completely bought into the final outcome narrative, but I struggle with the everyday trusting and surrendering control. I experience a tension between trusting God to do His part and doing my part to the best of my ability. Sometimes I loose sight of the larger narrative and try to take control or help God with His part 😊. That rarely ends well and is a source of anxiety and frustration in my life. For me the remedy is my Daily Spiritual Rhythm: reading God’s Word, reflecting (prayer and examen), and recording (journaling my on going conversation with God). This is where I get my inspiration, my reproof, my correction, my learning, and my direction for my part. I have many deserts in my life, but not near as many as others, so another remedy is to focus on the needs and interests of others and not myself. We can walk on that “highway of holiness” everyday if we just trust and obey.