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  • David

    December 29, 2019 at 7:10 am

    Yesterday, we focused on the difference in faith and The Faith and the statement that God rewards those who “earnestly seek Him.” The question that begs an answer is what does it mean to earnestly seek Him and The Faith. Today we begin to unpack that. The Faith and earnestly seeking Him is not about moving from unbelief to belief, although that is an important first step, it is about moving from striving and commitment to surrender and consecration. It is about becoming a citizen of a new country with an earthly address. If this is not about reviving up what I am doing to seek God or striving to be and do better, then what does it look like? Is surrender just letting go and letting God? What do we replace striving and commitment with when we shift/move to surrender and consecration. What changes when we leave the old country and move to a new country with an earthly address, The Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven? In what ways am I different from others? I am not sure that I have all the answers to these questions, but I suspect it has something to do with being a new creation and consecration. For example, let’s apply this to the issues that divide us socially, politically, and theologically in America, my old country, today. For those who have surrendered, moved to a new country, and have consecrated themselves to God, what is our response. Is it outrage and advocacy for one position or point of view over the other? Is it just sit back and wait for Jesus to come again and set things right. I believe we are advocates for Him and His Kingdom ways, but I am not sure what that actually looks like in practice, but I think I know what it does not look like. Lord help us!