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  • David

    December 30, 2019 at 6:26 am

    I understand the difference in transactional (quid quo pro 😊) faith and transcendent (transformational) Faith. Not that I have arrived brother and sisters or that He (Christ) has perfected my faith yet, but I transcended from “help me” to “have me” faith a fairly long time ago. I pray and practice the Wesleyan prayer of surrender on a regular basis. I have spent the past twenty years of my ministry (service to God) trying to help others make this transition. As I shared before, I have ceased trying to fix “churches.” I have turned my focus to making disciples and better men, which always results in a better Church. My question is why are so many stuck between transactional faith and transcendent faith? Why are so many so comfortable with being spiritual infants and children that are focused on themselves. I am familiar with the usual answers to these questions. People are too busy and distracted or they really see no compelling reason to change. They fear the cost of changing more than they fear the cost of remaining the same. What is it that caused me and for those of you reading this to overcome these barriers. For me it was a Holy discontent with the status quo and a band of brothers who confronted me with the need to change for the sake of others. What about you.