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  • David

    December 31, 2019 at 7:28 am

    I would say that he is writing to me today. As I shared yesterday, I have made that leap of faith and I believe many others have. We pray and listen for Him to speak everyday. We walk by faith not by sight and we try our best to do what He tells us to do. What disturbs me about JD’s reflection on this Text is his statement that “the biggest impediment to you and I waking up to the next step of faith God has for us is we are pretty sure we are already awake.”. Ouch, what does that mean? Am I missing something? Have I hit the snooze button? Have I been blinded or anesthetized by the darkness all around us? Have I lost sight of God’s grand vision of heaven on earth as it is in heaven? Have I settled for a religion with all the appearances of Godliness, but none of the power there of (2 Timothy 3:5)? JD suggests and I agree that this does not mean that we need to quit our jobs or in my case come out of retirement, and become a full time “professional Christian” and go into the ministry. That is a far to predictable and benign strategy and I know far to many full time “professional ministers” that are definitely asleep. I think it has to do with humility, surrender and consecration. I think it is something each one of us has to work out with fear and trembling. That is why JD is writing to just one. I look forward to unpacking this with you as we continue our journey together. Lord let it be.