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  • David

    January 3, 2020 at 7:20 am

    It is becoming readily apparent that the purpose of this thirty day challenge is to change our priorities regarding the Word of God. This challenge is about making God’s Word the first and the last thing we reflect on everyday. This is a good strategy because reading God’s Word has the strongest correlation to spiritual growth of any of the spiritual disciplines. I have long advocated beginning your day with reading, reflecting, and recording your thoughts on God and His Word at the beginning of the day before you go out into the world to do battle as soldiers in God’s Army. After all it makes good sense to put on your armor and sharpen your sword before the battle. What’s new for me is making God’s Word a priority after the battle, the last thing you do before you rest. This too makes good sense and is a worthy practice, so why do so few actually do it? Why did I not do this twenty years ago? We are back to the same question we have asked over and over again. Was I simply too busy and too distracted by work, family, even church work, to make this a spiritual habit. Was I simply not ready to make this leap of faith? All of this is true to some extent, but I believe the real reason was that no one told me how important it was. in the very beginning of my faith journey. We don’t even ask people to bring their Bibles to Church and we turn the lights down so low that those who do can’t see to read. No one told me it was expected and absolutely essential and no one ever followed up to make sure I was doing it. There was no discipline or accountability in my Faith walk or life. Before you say it, I know we can’t make anyone do this and we can’t legislate spirituality, but I believe we can do a better job of helping people see how important God’s Word is in our everyday life, first word, last word, God’s Word. Lord let it be so!