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  • David

    January 5, 2020 at 6:07 am

    The “word shaped” life is my quest even though it has not always been my practice. I often pray and record in my journal, Lord let my steps be ordered in accordance with your Word. The message that I get from this text is that the Word is food for my Soul that not only equals bread, but is more important. That is why I believe fasting is an important practice. What do you suppose Jesus thought about while he fasted for forty days? I suspect it was the word shaped life he had lived for thirty years in preparation for his ministry. It also strikes me as significant that Jesus spent thirty years practicing before he started his ministry and then he spent three years with his disciples preparing them for their ministry. We live in an age of instant everything. Fast food, sound bites, and instant grits (there is no such thing). When it comes to a word shaped life it takes time, practice and discipline. Lord let it be so with me!