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  • David

    February 8, 2020 at 6:02 am

    JD’s take on today’s Text took me awhile to unravel in my mind. This is not the way this Text is normally taught. I have always heard this text taught as a test of Abraham’s faith. If I am understanding JD’s point, and I may not be, this is more about God’s love and His faithfulness. The source of our unwavering faith is our confidence in God’s love. It is not about us. Abraham knew that Issac was never in any real danger because he knew God. This is important because I believe God will never test you by asking you to do something that contradicts who He is, His love for us and others, and His laws. Horrible things have been done in the name of faith. Another take away is that the minute we separate the gift from giver, we become God. Where in my life have the gifts of God gotten separated from God and created competing loyalties? For me it has been my career and the institution of the church. Fortunately, that is not so much the case now. This is not because of me or anything that I have done. It is a product of my growing confidence in Him born out of years of witnessing His love (Grace) for me. Thank you Lord!