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  • David

    February 15, 2020 at 6:27 am

    My struggle is with being a Christ Follower in the midst of a world spinning out of control. I truly feel like a resident alien even in my own family. The separation and division has never been so wide and so vitriol. Even the church is bitterly divided over issues that we should not even be discussing. Some Christians retreat into their own world of legalism and self righteous indignation. They try to ignore what is happening in the world, their community, and even in their own families in an endless pursuit of religious activities. Others try to embrace the culture and make the Gospel palatable. They engage in the same behaviors as the world and are neither hot or cold. The encouragement and challenge that I get from today’s text is to keep on struggling and refuse to let go of God until He blesses me. The minute I retreat, give in or let go, I am lost. If I stay in the fight and persevere I will be rewarded, but not without a cost (limp). Lord let it be so with me!