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  • David

    March 2, 2020 at 6:10 am

    My first awakening, revelation, of Christ was not a personal encounter with Jesus, a “Damascus Road” experience like Paul had and is referring to here. Christ was revealed to me through others. I don’t know where JD is headed with this awakening/revelation discussion, but at this point I disagree with him when he says, “we can’t reveal Jesus to other people.” I saw in others something I did not have and I wanted it. I was drawn to Christ by the Christ I saw in others. Once I believed in my heart and confessed him as the Son of God and Lord of my life, the Holy Spirit took over and my life has been a series of spiritual revelations and awakenings ever since. I assume this what JD is referring to, but to say that we can’t reveal Christ to others is to nullify my purpose in life. My most recent spiritual awakening has been that, the Gospel is not just about conversion, getting saved. I look forward to unpacking revelation with JD and you in the coming days. Be blessed and awake😊