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  • David

    March 4, 2020 at 6:36 am

    For me, choosing the lesser of two evils is the practice of compromise or finding common ground when it comes to evil (anything contrary to God’s commandments and His ways). On the surface, it appears to be the only solution and even the right solution, but I agree with JD, it is still evil. Murdering children in God’s eyes is evil; no matter who says otherwise; no compromises or common ground. The third option is always to choose God’s way. To fear (respect, revere and honor) God over people and to choose the path of greater faith regardless of the circumstances or costs. Another way of putting this is that two wrongs never make a right. For Christ followers there is only one choice, we must always choose the right way, God’s way. The problem with this theological principle is that we can’t agree on what is God’s way. This is why we have the Holy Word of God and the Holy Spirit to guide our interpretation and application of God’s truth. Any other way is humanism (we decide) and idolatry (replacing God). Lord help me to always choose your way!