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  • David

    March 28, 2020 at 6:17 am

    For most of my Christian life, I was a student of the “New” Testament. Now I am a student of all of God’s recorded Word, the whole story of God’s plan of redemption from Genesis to Revelation. The reason most of us are or have been more focused on the New Testament is that is what we have been taught. Replacement theology or supersessionism (the belief that the Church replaces Israel in God’s plan for humanity) and anti-semitism (hatred of Jews) are behind this false teaching. The Hebrew writings and the writings of the Apostles are equally important parts of the Word of God. Jesus was a Jew and the only Bible he taught from was the Hebrew Bible. As Christ Followers and mostly non-Jews (Gentiles) we are grafted into the people of God (Israel). The story of Israel is our story. The New Covenant does not replace the Old Covenant, it fulfills it.