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  • David

    April 1, 2020 at 5:49 am

    I would say that we are definitely in one of these situations now with this pandemic. What is the mind of Christ in all of this? Conventional wisdom and the worldly authorities (government) is telling us to self isolate and practice “social” distancing. Now before you say it, I am not advocating civil disobedience or continuing to assemble in large groups for church services. What I am saying is that now is the time for trusting that God has a plan and for having the mind of Christ. For example, we just found out that someone in our neighborhood has tested positive for Covid-19. The response of some has been that we need to publicly identify this person so that others can avoid/isolate themselves from this person. What do you think the mind of Christ is saying? I think He would say reach out to this person and care for them (if you love me, feed my sheep). Pray for them, take them a meal, and tend to their needs. We can follow the government guidelines and use common sense to protect ourselves, but we can’t isolate or ignore the needs of others. We must make our camp with God in the midst of this chaos and He will deliver us. Lord let it be so with me!