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  • David

    April 9, 2020 at 4:27 am

    Everything is different this time around. Many Easters have come and gone in my life time. There have been many Maundy Thursday services, but this year is very different. Never before have I been under quarantine and ordered by the government to stay at home because of an invisible enemy of evil seeking to destroy me. Never before has my need for redemption and my desire for judgment been higher. I am desperately seeking to walk through this Easter on dry land and see this enemy slain. My concern, is that once we get through this and we will, will anything be different or will we go back to the way it was. Will we use this experience to wake up and refine us. Will we remember Maundy Thursday and the First Table of the New Covenant every day not just once a year at Easter. Lord may it be so with me!