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  • David

    April 13, 2020 at 6:52 am

    In the Kingdom of God, prosperity is not tied to our circumstances. The wilderness times in our lives are a proving ground for strengthening our souls. The secret to prosperity is Christ in me. Learning to be content regardless of our circumstances is definitely a shift in mindset. I don’t like the wilderness, but I have learned how to transcend my circumstances and the wilderness. When my first love died suddenly, I got stuck in the wilderness. I could only focus on her death, that she was alone when she died, and that I was not there. My Christian counselor helped me shift my mindset by creating an alternative tape (scenario) to play in my head every time the wilderness tape started to play. The alternative tape was based on faith in God’s promises that I had buried in my heart by reading and studying God’s word and by abiding in Christ. In this tape, I would visualize her in the arms of Jesus. She was whole again with no pain or suffering. She was filled with joy and happiness and she wanted me to be happy and joyful. This helped me endure the wilderness and move through it to the promised land and new life with my second first love. The old tape is still there, but I have learned to play the second tape the minute the first one tries to enter my mind. Regardless of our circumstances we can be prosperous and joyful if we stay focused on Jesus and His promises. Lord let it be so with me!