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  • David

    April 18, 2020 at 6:14 am

    For the past several years, the Holy Spirit has prompted me to fast from food and/or wine during Lent or at other times as an exercise of control over my body and in order to focus on prayer or study. I generally agree that “Fasting is not optional for a disciple of Jesus Christ.” The early church fasted on Wednesday and Friday so as to not practice fasting on the same days as non-Christian Jews, especially the Pharisees who fasted on Monday’s and Thursday’s. Our western culture values choice over commitment. We don’t like required practices, so we have made most spiritual practices optional. That is why we have so many spiritual infants in the church that have not learned to feed themselves and they are not potty trained. Having said all that, I am wary of required practices for the wrong motive. If we fast to prove our worthiness, then we are like the Pharisees. However, I believe fasting can be an effective spiritual discipline for a season to recommit ourselves as a child of God and to focus on things of the Kingdom. Therefore, I am going to give JD’s challenge some prayer and consideration. How about you?