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  • David

    April 19, 2020 at 6:16 am

    After stepping on the scales this morning, I am tempted to accept JD’s 40 days of fasting in one year challenge, but weight loss can’t be my only motivation. I am still listening? As far as today’s text a familiar concern emerges again, “We should never forget that the grace of God and the judgment of God are two sides of the same coin of redemption.” And “Seeing grace and judgment as one great redemptive act, rather than separate works of God that are in tension,” are important statements. We celebrate these truths at Easter. Jesus declared, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do…then He declared, It is finished.” We are redeemed by grace and judgment, one redemptive act, accomplished once and for all on the Cross. “Let the redeemed say so,” Amen! What concerns me is that when it comes to salvation/redemption, grace and judgment are one act, but when it comes to how we live our lives as the redeemed, we hold grace and judgment in tension and grace usually wins over judgment. The battle over sin is won, but the war with sin still rages on. In the life of the redeemed, grace means our sins are forgiven, but judgment means that not everything is acceptable behavior. Jesus said, I don’t judge or condemn you (grace), but go and sin no more (judgment). Here is the catch, you and I don’t get to judge or pick and choose what is sin. That has been made clear to us by God. So when we sin, grace does not make it right. Belief and repentance (grace and judgment) does. Lord let it be so with me!