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  • David

    April 21, 2020 at 5:54 am

    In our materialistic world of consumerism, there never seems to be enough and nothing is good enough. That’s why we trade cars every 2-3 years or buy the latest fashion or newest version of smart phones. Notice that I did not mention buying another fishing rod or the newest recreational toy 😊. The idea that enough is found in obedience is challenging to our worldly way of life. “The pathway toward enough is only found through obedience to God alone. Obedience is perhaps the greatest lesson the wilderness can teach us.” If we were obedient, our focus would be different and we would not have time or need for more stuff. This reminds me of the spiritual discipline of simplicity. Part of obedience to God is to purge ourselves of too much stuff and to simplify our lives, so we can focus more on Him and His purpose for us. Lord let it be so with me!