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  • David

    April 26, 2020 at 6:46 am

    Two things struck me as significant in this reading from Psalm 78. First, that we need to teach the next generation these truths. I pray that this is happening, but statistics tell us that a higher percentage of the younger generation are falling away from traditional faith and the Church. Our response has been the “seeker friendly” approach, which is working in terms of numbers, but I fear we have made faith in God and discipleship too simple and easy (cheap Grace). The prophets of old and Jesus tell us that Discipleship is costly. The second point is that the reason for teaching the next generation is that they would not be stubborn and rebellious like their ancestors (us), ouch! The cycle of remembering God, then forgetting His commandments, then remembering again, should be familiar to us. That is the history of Israel, that is our history, but we never seem to learn from it. This is definitely a time of remembering history and better understanding our place in God’s plan of redemption. We need to avoid the pitfalls of our past or history is bound to repeat itself. We need to learn how to imitate past faithfulness and break the cycle. Remember His commandments and teach them to others. Lord let it be so with me!