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  • David

    April 28, 2020 at 5:59 am

    JD strikes a major cord for me with his comments today. I believe that the artificial, man made divide between clergy and lay people is one of the major factors contributing to the failure of the church to fully accomplish its mission of making disciples for the transformation of the world. He is correct, the church is made up of all lay people. We all are part of the “Laos” the people of God. Another reason is our unwillingness to change, reform, and restore the form of the church to better serve its function. We are fascinated with the latest methods and strategies, but they all fail for the same reasons, we try to implement them within a broken system. I pray like JD that this current crisis, which is forcing us to use new forms, really old forms, to be the church will helps us break free from the old ways of thinking and the old forms and structures that bind us and prevent us from defeating the enemy and winning the war for God on Earth as it is in heaven. I would love to hear your response and your ideas about a new normal. Have a blessed day!