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  • David

    May 1, 2020 at 5:44 am

    We all need truth tellers (Jethro’s) in our lives. People who know us well and love us too much to not tell us the truth about ourselves and our actions. They are the wise counselors, that we seek out when we need discernment. They are the wise counselors that are willing to tell us what we can’t see and/or don’t want to hear. My chief truth teller has been and is my wife, my partner in life and ministry, but we all need people outside of marriage that serve as truth tellers. I think it is important to note that Moses did not seek out Jethro. I believe God places Jethro’s in our lives through the relationships we form. I am not sure we can pick them, but we can form the types of intimate relationships that reveal them to us. That is why banded discipleship is so important in our lives. I thank God for the truth tellers in my life and I pray He will send you your Jethro’s.