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  • David

    May 4, 2020 at 6:25 am

    This is one of those difficult passages that is inconsistent with my view of God as a loving Father who sacrificed himself for me. Quite frankly, I like my Jesus chair and I am not sure trading it for a false humility of the floor is what God really wants or expects of me. He is Holy, He is God almighty and we need to always remember that when we approach Him. I believe that is the point of today’s text. He is a consuming fire, but not one that destroys. His love is a refining love. I believe that we consecrate our selves when we believe and repent of our ways, and put Him first in our life. Consecration is putting off our old dirty clothes and putting on the new clean clothes we have in Christ. It is when we seek to be Holy as He is Holy by denying our selves daily, picking up our cross, and following His Son Jesus Christ. That is what I try to do everyday when I sit in my cozy Jesus Chair. Jesus is the one that makes it possible for me to rest in the loving arms of my Father. Because of Jesus, I don’t have to fear being stoned or shot with arrows if I run to Him. Lord forgive and correct my understanding if I am wrong.