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  • David

    May 6, 2020 at 6:11 am

    What spoke to me from JD’s reflection on the giving of the Ten Commandments was his question, What if God needs to break down what has become the “familiar” in order to restore the truly “familial?” Unless you already knew, or as I had to do you looked up the word “familial,” you may have missed it. We know what familiar means, but familial is not a term I use everyday. Familial refers to a family relationship. It means, of, related to, or characteristic of a family relationship. I think we can easily let our family relationships become to familiar and we can begin to take them for granted. God is our Heavenly Father and He does not want us to take Him for granted. That’s what the first four commandments are about. God does not cause the wilderness in our life, we do or we allow our circumstances to become the wilderness. What God can and does do is to use the wilderness to restore familial relationships in order to deliver us from the wilderness. What do yo think?