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  • David

    May 13, 2020 at 7:46 am

    I want to be in control, but I pray that I don’t fit JD’s definition of a controlling person. I don’t have to control other people or organizations. I am willing to submit my control to those in authority over me, most especially God. I also think I am a good team player and I value other viewpoints. In my experience, people who are not in control are out of control. They don’t take responsibility for their circumstances or situations. They are not intentional, they have no plan or agenda, and they have a whatever will be, will be attitude. If no one is in control or everyone is control you have chaos. I am a people pleaser, so my motive for control in most cases is to seek the best outcome for the sake of others. To be honest with you, I wish I was neither a control or a people pleasing person. My life would certainly be easier. I think the difference in the control person I think I am and the one JD describes is who or what controls the one in control. If self, greed, or power is your motive for control then it is idolatry, but if your actions are spirit led then I believe it is a positive attribute that God can redeem and use for His purposes. Lord forgive me and heal my brokenness if this is a false rationalization. I welcome your thoughts and I ask you to call me out, if you think I am guilty of idolatry.