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  • David

    May 14, 2020 at 6:35 am

    First, I am a logophile, so I had to look up supercilious (to feel superior to others). A stiff necked, stubborn, superior attitude is certainly the twin of a controlling attitude. They go hand in hand. Since no one challenged my rationalization about being a controlling person, I am tempted to make a similar argument about stiff necked, stubborn people being determined people, but I won’t. The real story in today’s text is the power of intercession and the role it plays in God’s Will and plan for redemption. Moses, who I would argue was a controlling and stubborn man, dared to intercede and argue with God on behalf of the Israelites. God is looking for the Intercessors! Sometimes I find myself encouraging God to exercise His judgment, just burn all of those other stiff necked, stubborn, controlling, supercilious, rebellious heathens! This text reminds me that God doesn’t want to do that, that’s not His Will. He wants intercessors, imperfect as they may be, to repent on behalf of His people and lead them back into relationship with Him. That’s what Moses did. Lord let it be so with me!