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  • David

    May 15, 2020 at 7:48 am

    Wow! JD just hit a hole in one with today’s text and his admittedly tangential reflection. God’s mission in search of churches as opposed to churches in search of missions is spot on. I have long said that we don’t have to have a weekend retreat with an outside consultant to figure out our mission. We know what our mission is. God has written it down and made it plain. We just don’t do it. We are too busy singing, building or expanding our buildings, managing our budgets, and creating bureaucracies to control them. Now is the perfect time for radical adaptive (transformational) change in the way we do church. Now is the time for a great awakening! What if we became a church of small groups (class meetings and bands) that we’re engaged in God’s mission for the Church? What if our pastors became “circuit riders” providing training, teaching, encouragement, and guidance to a network of Home Church groups?