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  • David

    May 17, 2020 at 6:58 am

    It is comforting to know that God invites us to share our anger, fears, and frustrations with Him. Perhaps this is a better or at least a first approach before sharing with one another and certainly before acting out of our anger, fears, and frustrations. I have found that my sharing with others and my actions are much different when I cry out (pray) first and then respond or act. More often than not, I end up praying for my enemies or perceived foes. Now don’t get me wrong, as all those who have been around me lately can testify, I don’t always do this. I find the government’s (Caesar’s) response to this “pandemic” to be very frustrating. I am angry and very fearful about how quickly they have overturned freedoms and inalienable rights that so many have fought and died to preserve. I feel powerless to change the situation and I have failed to take it to the Lord before sharing it with others. This Psalm helped me to confess and repent of that short coming. The Lord has reassured me that He is in control and has prompted me to pray for my enemies and for Godly wisdom and then to do what I know is right in His sight. Lord may it be so with me!