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  • David

    May 18, 2020 at 7:39 am

    There are several important truths in JD’s reflection on this very difficult text. I strongly agree with his belief that, “We are living in what I call, “The Great Confusion,” a time when the authority of the Word of God is being violently opposed. Eternal verities and long-standing truths are being dismissed as oppressive lies and prejudicial falsehoods. Many parts of the Church are succumbing to the cultural pressures to conform to the spirit of the age with well-meaning compromises built on all manner of theological and hermeneutical gymnastics to circumvent the clear meaning and clairvoyant wisdom of Scripture. His prescription for dealing with difficult scriptures is the only way to avoid humanism, idolatry, and secular relativism. I stand with him in saying, “I don’t understand it. I can’t explain it. I do not question the authority of God nor do I question the veracity of Scripture. I do not all of a sudden consider this as a viable policy of church discipline….I refuse to edit the Word of God. I refuse to sit in judgment on the Word of God. I stand under its judgment.” I am willing to face persecution for my position. My prayer is that I will take this stand, lovingly, gently, and humbly.