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  • David

    May 19, 2020 at 7:03 am

    Today’s text does not really change my view of sin. I have always viewed sin as anything that separates/distracts us from God. Hence the need for restoration, redemption, and atonement, which can only be found in Christ. Therefore, sin is first and foremost relational. I agree with JD’ s assessment, “We must come to understand sin as fundamentally relational (not individual), which is why the first impulse of a sinner is to hide from others. We must come to understand that all sin is all at once against God, other people, and ourselves. Finally, we must come to understand that we do not become free from sin by trying harder to not sin but by living according to the law of Love (i.e. Greatest Commandment)—a.ka., the life giving law of the Spirit.” So for me the question is, what does it mean to be “in Christ” or perhaps more accurately what does it mean to have Christ in us and how do we live according the Law of Spirit and the Law of Love (Christ). Does it mean we never sin again? I hope not because I failed that one yesterday. Does it mean that we can go sinning so that Grace may abound? I believe Paul debunks that theory fairly well in his letters. Does it mean that Love and Mercy cancels judgment or truth? Maybe, but does that mean everything is acceptable and that there are no absolutes and we get to choose what is a sin and what is not? Again, I don’t think so. Being in Christ means we are born again and the law of the Spirit and the Law of Love lives within us. It means that we are led by the Spirit and The Word (scripture). When we sin and we all do, we confess it and press on to the higher calling in Christ Jesus. It means we obey God’s commandments and we abide in Him. Lord let it be so with me!