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  • David

    May 21, 2020 at 6:39 am

    Point number six moves me and encourages me. The thought that Jesus would call me His friend is amazing and reminiscent of God talking to Moses as a friend. With a friend like this, you have no reason to fear anything. The fact that I am no longer a servant and that as a friend of Jesus, I know our Father’s business convicts me to be about my Father’s business. That leads me to point number eight, which is what really challenges me. Who are the Joshuas in my life and what am I doing to mentor, lead, and encourage them in the faith. I aspire to be a spiritual parent, spiritual leader, but a leader without followers is not a leader. They are just out for a walk in the wilderness. Lord help me to be a better spiritual parent, a better spiritual leader. Do in me whatever you need to do to make me more effective as a fisher of men and disciple maker. Lord let it be so with me!