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  • David

    May 22, 2020 at 6:11 am

    All of us have “Tent of Meeting Stories.” Some of these stories may have occurred before we became a Christ Follower. That’s what we Methodist call “prevenient” Grace, God pursuing and looking out for us even before we knew Him. I call these spiritual benchmarks or crossroads. Major turning points in our relationship with God and our lives. I remember one in particular because it was similar to JD’s story. I will spare you the video😊. We were living in Tifton Georgia after two years active duty in the Army. We had two children. I was a new believer, that’s another Tent of Meeting story, God had delivered me from a bad working environment, another story, and I was on my way to a promising career with The University of Georgia. I had been offered a really good professional position as a County Extension Agent. I was working as a research assistant, a classified hourly wage position, with the Agronomy Department. They gave me a big going away party and I was all set to report for work when a clerk in the personnel department discovered that my GPA in college was below the required minimum. My department went to bat for me all the way to the top, but they would not make an exception for me, thank God! I will share the rest of the story tomorrow.