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  • David

    May 25, 2020 at 7:27 am

    First, let’s all welcome Ashley to our Family Band! Ashley, May God bless you beyond your wildest expectation through the daily reading of His Word. Today’s text is a very uplifting word, it is good news for all those in Christ. We are a son or daughter, a child of God, and He says, “you are my beloved, and I am pleased with you.” Nothing can change that, not even our moral failures and shortcomings. God’s Grace covers our brokenness. It does not make it alright or okay to continue in our sin, but it doesn’t change or define our core identity. God loves us and is pleased with us and nothing can change that because what you did not earn, you can not un earn. He knows us by name and we know Him by His name and that name is Jesus. Now that my friends is good news. That’s the Gospel! The only thing that is required is that we follow Jesus out of the wilderness into the promised land of His presence in us. As I reflect on this Memorial Day on the ultimate sacrifice that so many have made for my freedom, I want to live in a way that is worthy of their sacrifice. I feel the same way about Jesus, I want to be worthy of His sacrifice. Lord may it be so with me!