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  • David

    June 1, 2020 at 7:31 am

    How do you resonate with the Chick-fil-A analogy? What I see in this analogy is the power of being different and separate from the crowd. It is a winning combination. It is a calling and it is our choice. I use to tell my children that you have to decide if you are going to flock with the turkeys or soar with the eagles 🦅. I mean no offense to turkeys, but domesticated turkeys will flock together in the rain and drown (there is another message in this, but I will save it for another day). The real challenge in today’s text is to “categorize our calling to follow Jesus in a distinctively winsome fashion.” Winsome is a great word. It means to be attractive in appearance or character. It is also worthy of note that it is composed of two words, win and some. This may be a stretch, but for me it implies that if we are different in a winsome manner we will win some followers. So how can we as those called to be Christ followers and to be different and separate (Holy) from the herd or flock do so in a manner that is attractive in both appearance and character. In my view, it is by offering the unusual combination of grace and truth. We need to tell the truth with love and kindness (mercy/forgiveness). Try applying that principle to the Covid-19 Crisis or to the riots in our burning cities. Lord let it be so with me!