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  • David

    June 2, 2020 at 7:13 am

    I believe we are first called to be Disciples, Christ Followers. As new believers (followers) our first priority is to become sanctified (Holy) in order to make Disciples, our Great Commission and number one job in my view. I say this because you can’t lead others where you have not been. However, this is an ongoing spiritual process that is not totally linear or sequential (stepwise). You grow as you go and you learn as you do, but you progress through stages of spiritual development: infant, child, young adult, and then spiritual parents. The pace of this spiritual development (discipleship) is really dependent on you and how much time and effort you are willing to invest in your sanctification, but the transformation is the work of the Holy Spirit in you. I say all this to say that the first priority of the Church is discipleship (making and growing Disciples of Jesus Christ). I like the way our Church puts it, “helping people become more like Jesus for the sake of others.” Unfortunately, for many churches the first priority is the weekly worship service. The current crisis is giving us an opportunity to reevaluate our priorities. As far as what it would mean for me to respond more fully to my calling to be Holy, I need to surrender more of myself to Him, put the things of the Kingdom first, and remove any distractions that are in my life. Lord let it be so with me!