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  • David

    June 5, 2020 at 7:13 am

    These are great questions, but they would require a lot more time and space than we have here. Briefly, The modern church is “baptizing” the ways of the world by bending the Word, Ways, and Will of God to conform to the current culture. I see the ways of the world in my life as a seductive threat. The ways of God and the Gospel are offensive to the world and non believers and unfortunately even to some so called believers. I really prefer to avoid offending others, but I am willing to do so for their sake. I have adopted a Biblical world view, so I try to see others as God sees them. I look first for their heart and loving intentions before I judge them by their outward appearance or even their behavior. The real take away for me from today’s text and reflection is “At the foot of the cross the ground is perfectly level. No one wins. No one loses. Jesus paid it all. The Cross of Christ upends the categories of Corinth.“ The Gospel is a win/win proposition for everyone!