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  • David

    June 6, 2020 at 6:40 am

    This makes me glad I am not a preacher, but since I don’t believe we as listeners are any less responsible for a demonstration of the Gospel in the power of the Spirit and a proclamation of the “foolishness of the Cross,” this message is for all of us, “those sanctified in Christ and called to be His Holy people.” Therefore, the third question is the most important in my view. What would a demonstration of the Spirit’s power look like? What’s the difference between the foolishness of a preacher and listeners, and the “foolishness of the cross?” Charismatics say that a demonstration of the Spirit’s power is accompanied by some supernatural manifestation of the Spirit like speaking in tongues, holy laughter, or people being slain in the Spirit. I don’t discredit this view because I know some authentic believers that hold this view, but it has not been my experience. I believe a demonstration of the Spirit’s power is when the Holy Spirit is released in the worship service and preachers and listeners both have a genuine encounter with the living God, when His presence is so obvious you can feel it and you are deeply moved spiritually. Once you have experienced it, you know when it is happening and when it is not. I also believe it has to do with our expectations and preparation for an encounter with the living God versus an order of worship, three songs with seven verses repeated eleven times, a three point sermon, a poem or story, and a closing prayer. We have to prepare our hearts and minds before we gather for worship and come expecting to meet with Him, and the order of worship has to leave room for Him to move. As far as the difference between the foolishness of the preacher and listeners and the foolishness of the Cross is concerned, I believe humility, confession, and repentance are required. We come before Him with a broken and contrite heart acknowledging our short comings and asking for mercy. It is when we are in this state of mind and spirit that He comes to us with open arms. Lord let it be so with me!