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  • David

    June 22, 2020 at 6:56 am

    I knew this day would come because I have read this text many times before and the church has been divided over this issue for a very long time. I would prefer to skip this one and just move on, but that would be very disingenuous of me. I agree with JD that the problem is not sin, but calling sin not sin. The problem is unrepentant sin. I would add to that problem, the picking and choosing of which sins we tolerate and which we single out for special condemnation. In my view, there are no degrees of sin and we all fall short. I continue to struggle with how to respond to known unrepentant sin in the Body of Christ, but for now I have decided that my position is as follows: I will not try to bend or amend the Word of God in order to declare certain sins not sin. If the scripture says it is a sin, then it is a sin and I will not say it is not. Nor will I teach others that certain sins are ok just because they are accepted by society or the church (Matthew 5:17-19). I love you too much to do that. However, I will not judge or condemn anyone for their sins nor will I shun or cast them out because I am no less a sinner than they are. As James says, “In that you have broken one law, you have broken them all” (James 2:10). I have chosen to model Billy Graham’s approach to sin: I will leave the judgment of sin up to God; the conviction of sin up to the Holy Spirit; and I will focus on love, mercy, and forgiveness. I value the relationship and the intent of God’s commandments more than the letter of the law. Lord help me if I am wrong!