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  • Michelle Cannon

    June 24, 2020 at 8:24 am

    Two people can not be any closer than when they are intimate with each other. One of the greatest blessings God gives humanity, a precious baby, is the product of that intimacy. However, God outlines very definite parameters for that type of intimate relationship to be blessed.
    When I think of fleeing, I see Forest Gump in an all out run as fast as his feet would move! Not a scriptural picture, but one we all understand. Paul did speak of running the race with partience, but you can not run the race away for sexual immorality with patience. If you even slow down a tiny bit and crack that doorway open, Satan will wear you down over time and convince you you’re not hurting anyone. That is a lie! It will hurt you and your relationship with the perfect, holy, and righteous God of heaven. Run as fast as you can from that temptation! Run, run, run to Jesus!