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  • David

    June 30, 2020 at 5:39 am

    There are so many directions one could go with this text I don’t know where to start. The danger is that you can go way beyond what Paul is talking about in this letter to a specific group of people in a specific context. For example, if the application is that I should not do anything that might cause a weaker brother to stumble, which is the conventional teaching of this text, then I can do nothing. Since that is impossible, we pick and choose the behaviors we feel might cause a brother to fall. As always, we must put this text in the context of the whole counsel of the word of God. JD’s conclusion sums it up, “The issue is not our rights but our relationships. The issue is not knowledge of the law but knowing one another. We have not been rescued and set free from sin for freedom’s sake but for the love of God and the love of neighbor. Until my rights are more about you than they are about me then they are really wrongs,” but the question of application remains. For me, it is not about me giving up my rights, it is about me considering how the exercise of my rights impacts my relationship with God and others and valuing the relationship more than being within my rights. You can’t legislate this or draw up a set of rules for this. This is a case by case judgment call that only the Holy Spirit can help you make. Lord let it be so with me!