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  • David

    July 2, 2020 at 5:58 am

    I have often thought that it would be better if we had never created a professional class of full time preachers and paid staff. It would be better, albeit impractical in today’s world, to have all volunteers or at least bi-vocational pastors and staff. The dangers of having paid professionals are many. At best it gives rise to it’s their job to make Disciples and serve the community not mine. At worst it makes them beholding to the members, especially those who give generously. Even worse than this, they begin to teach only what their members want to hear and they focus on catering to the desires of consumers of religious goods and services at the expense of making disciples and serving God’s purposes. Sadly, I have witnessed this many times. We need more preachers like Paul and as partners in ministry with our paid full time paid ministers we all need to have a humble heart, an undivided heart, and an uncompromising obedience. Lord let it be so with me!