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  • David

    July 6, 2020 at 5:55 am

    These are sobering questions, especially as I reflect on my rhetoric lately. I have let my anger, disgust and fear regarding current events in our country to cloud my witness (mirroring) of Christ and for that I apologize and ask your forgiveness. I seek to imitate Christ, but fall short. I do have others that are closer to me and more like me that I can try to imitate, some of you are on that list, but in reality it is up to me to act in a manner worthy of imitation. Fortunately, I have a helper who mirrors Jesus perfectly, the Holy Spirit. I just need to listen and obey what He says not what my flesh or my emotions are saying, easy to say, hard to do, but I keep trying. As I have my pity party this morning and reflect on all this, the Holy Spirit prompts me to ask what is it I would have others imitate. The first thing that comes to my mind is authenticity. I try to be open and honest about my feelings and beliefs and my shortcomings. I confess them and keep on keeping on. I am flawed, but faithful to Christ. If you are going to imitate anything in me, imitate that! Have a blessed day and remember somebody is following your example.