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  • David

    July 15, 2020 at 6:05 am

    First, I believe in the gift of tongues, but I definitely do not believe it is the sole litmus test of being filled with the Holy Spirit. There is a time and place for this gift and I look forward to hearing more from JD on this as we read Paul’s closing thoughts on the matter in 14:13-19. The big idea and the most important take away for me is that the exercise of the spiritual gifts is to be done in the context of love for others and that the gift of prophecy is the superior gift. JD’s statement, “Especially desire the Holy Spirit to work through you in ways that supernaturally strengthen, encourage, and comfort other people” is a better explanation and description of the gift of prophecy than one usually hears. The key word is supernaturally. The words are not mine there the Holy Spirit’s words and that makes a big difference in the impact they have on others. In my experience, this is not something you can control or predict, but when it happens you and the other person will know it. You simply have to care enough about others to be present, available, and open to being used as an instrument of God’s Grace. Lord let it be so with me!