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  • David

    July 17, 2020 at 4:22 am

    I think JD or should I say Paul has settled the issue of the exercise of the gift of tongues in the church. It is a legitimate gift that serves a legitimate purpose, but it is not to be exercised in a disruptive or out of place manner. If it does not edify others it should be reserved for individual worship.

    The issue of meet and greet (passing the peace) in our worship services is another topic of debate for similar reasons. Some argue that it can offend visitors, especially “seekers” who are there just checking things out and therefore should be avoided, but I have attended churches and been in worship services where no one except the “assigned greeters” even spoke to you. The place felt cold and the focus was totally on the folks up front. I am with JD on this one, worship is a golden opportunity for the expression of the love of God and for the love of one another? However, I feel it should be spontaneous and genuine not mechanical.