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  • David

    July 31, 2020 at 6:06 am

    There are several statements in JD’s reflection today that I really resonate with, “Vision is the outcome of faith, not the precursor. Faith is not just belief it implies action, The secret to life is to die before you die.“ The thing that strikes me the most about all of these statements and today’s text is that they require us to walk in obedience to Christ. To go deeper, to move from Holy Discontent to the next stage of spiritual maturity in the second half of the Gospel (sanctification) requires that we be broken by God and that we submit and surrender our lives to Christ. Thats what it means to die before you die. Brokenness can come in the form of a crisis of faith like the death of a loved one, a diagnosis of cancer, divorce, or some other dark night of the soul. It can also come as a result of confronting our false self. Brokenness leads to submission and surrender only if we commit to act on it by walking in obedience to Christ. We not only believe in Him, we do what He says. We enter the narrow gate and take the path less traveled. Lord let it be so with me!