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  • David

    August 8, 2020 at 5:43 am

    The “big idea” in today’s text and reflection for me is that we “receive” Jesus. Accepting something implies an intellectual exercise regarding what is true. Jesus is revealed to us as the truth in the same way He was revealed to John, by the Holy Spirit. This implies a heart matter. I sense it in my gut, in my soul. We receive Him into our Heart and we release control to Him. Reveal, Receive, Release, that will preach 😊. There is a fourth R that answers one of JD’s questions. That word is Reflect. Our Role (another R) in the Gospel is to reflect the light of Jesus to others. This leads me to a sobering conclusion. The reason people don’t recognize Him is that they do not see Him in us and the reason they don’t is that we have never really received Him or we keep Him and His light hidden in our hearts. We are admonished to let our light shine before men (Matthew 5:16). We are not the light but we reflect the light that lives in us through our love and good deeds done for the sake of others and God’s Glory. Lord let it be so with me!