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  • Michelle Cannon

    August 15, 2020 at 8:15 am

    However, many people remember in great detail their experience of salvation. They recall the preacher, message, scripture, and a feeling of great conviction of their sins. Their lives changed dramatically!! I only recall the desire to be saved and my life didn’t change greatly, but I was only 6. Faith is that hard thing that can’t be proven!! No one can prove if they are saved or not. It is a personal knowledge of your relationship with Jesus. That relationship with God is communing with Him. I think of those times that I feel I could reach out and touch God because I felt His presence so near me.
    I totally agree with the part is this devotion that discusses what “belief” or trust means in today’s society. I truly believe someone can believe their is a God but not have faith in God. It’s about that relationship with Him!
    In the crazy times I’m glad to say I am not afraid to trust Him He has not failed me yet so why wouldn’t I trust Him? I am still thinking on the question here about if God can entrust himself to me. I’m still working on that one!