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  • David

    August 17, 2020 at 6:35 am

    One of my favorite books is “The Anatomy of Peace: resolving the heart of conflict” by the Arbinger Institute. The main premise of this book is that you are either at peace or at war with others. If you find yourself at war you are in the “box.” The entire book is about getting out of the box and being at peace with others. I thought about this book when I read today’s text and JD’s reflection. Nicodemus was in the box caught between his heritage (traditions) and his inheritance (life in Christ). The first step to getting out of the box is, you guessed it, recognizing that your in the box. For a long time I didn’t. I was boxed in by the Church and Church work. I was boxed in by trying to do better by working harder. It was all about me and what I could do and I remained stuck in the box and focused on trying to fix the church and others. The second step to getting out of the box is realizing you can’t get out the box on your own and that it is not about you anyhow. That’s when I began to surrender and trust in God’s Grace and accept my inheritance and new life in Christ. I was free and out of the box. I began to see others differently and I stopped trying to fix them and the church. I started walking in obedience to the Spirit not my heritage or tradition. Now my biggest challenge is to not get back into the box. Lord help me!