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  • David

    August 19, 2020 at 6:29 am

    This text is full and rich with teaching points. We can only receive what we are given from Heaven. We are the Bride of Jesus Christ! We are friends of Jesus and as His friend we should listen to what He says and do it! We must diminish in order for Him to increase! But what’s this about “heel biting policy-manual people who distract us from our relationship with the Bridegroom and our role in His mission? Who are those people and what are they arguing about today?

    The text tells us they were John’s Disciples and a certain Jew and that they were arguing about ceremonial washing. JD says they were masters of majoring on the minors. In my experience, these are Christ Followers and church leaders who are more concerned with form (organizational policy) than function (being the Bride of Christ for the sake of others). They care more are about their agenda and their programs and activities than they do about listening and doing what the Bridegroom is saying. I believe the Bridegroom is saying, focus on the one not the ninety nine. I believe He is saying, go and make disciples. I believe my friend is saying, love one another as I love you. Lord may I be found doing what you say and may I diminish so that you might increase.